8:30        Coffee and check in

9:00        Welcome – Elise Gornish (University of California, Davis)

9:05        A historical perspective on natural area restoration in California
                Tom Scott (University of California, Berkeley) and Edith Allen (University of California, Riverside)

9:55        Soil biology and rangeland restoration
                Louise Jackson (University of California, Davis)

10:45      Introduction, spread and impacts of emergent plant diseases
                 Matteo Garbelotto (University of California, Berkeley)

11:35      Lunch – provided

1:00        Phytophthora rising: Effects of introductions into California native habitats and restoration sites
                Ted Swiecki (Phytosphere Research)

1:45        Phytophthora tentaculata, a new Phytopthora species in the United States affecting California native plants grown in nurseries
                Kathy Kosta (California Department of Food and Agriculture)

2:05        Break – Refreshments provided

2:25        Host range testing of Phytophthora tentaculata and P. cactorum on the California natives: western sycamore, coast live oak, and toyon
                Laura Sims (University of California, Berkeley)

3:00        Implementing a systems approach of best management practices at a native plant nursery
                Kathy Kosta (California Department of Food and Agriculture)

3:30        Panel discussion

4:15        End